Lentor Central, Tampines Street 62 Sites Launched For Tender

The URA along with the HDB on Thursday 15Apr debuted two sites at Lentor Central together with Tamp St Sixty-two (Parcel A) for tender.

Released to sell under the verified list in the first half 2K21 Government Land Sales Program, the two plots come with a 99 yrs lease period. Combined, the ground can produce around 1,195 house units.

Section for housing with industrial at first floor use, the ground at Lentor Ctrl has a space of almost 17,280 square m including a peak GFA of 60.48K sq m. The top structure peak for the location is Thirty Five m SHD in the low-rise region, and 107 metres SHD in the skyscraper region. The property can supply about 605 units.

Huttons Asia looks forward to the location to lure more than ten prospective buyers, by having the leading proposal ranging from $One thousand to $1.05K per square ft per plot ratio.

It illustrated the plot as “possibly the most desired location within the first half ’21 GLS programme”.

” There will be pent-up demand as the previous commence in the region was The Calrose in 2005,” it claimed. “The retail piece will supply much desired features to the region furthermore long term growths.”

The Tamp Street 62 site, on the contrary, has an area of 23thousand 799 square meter as well as a highest gross floor area of 59thousand 498 square meter. Zoned for home operation, the location has a peak constructing peak of 63 to Sixty Four m SHD. It could possibly supply around Five hundred ninety EC units.

Huttons Asia’s anticipates the location to captivate approximately 10 bidders, with the main proposal going from $Five hundred Fifty to $6hundred psf ppr.

One Bernam floor plan

” The EC location at Tamp Street 62 settles in a mature community. Tamp had quite a number of BTO debut in the recent few yrs also there is a sizable group of interested upgraders wanting to enhance to an executive condominium,” it shared.

” The impressive debut of Parc Central Residences develop testimony to the supply of interest.”

The bidding for the two plots terminates on 22Jul.

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