About 1,700 Flats Surrendered To HDB In Last 5 Years, Says MND

Around 1thousand 7hundred flats were surrendered to the Housing and Development Board in the former 5 years, reported Senior Minister of State for National Development Sim Ann in Parliament on 2 Mar.

Based on the numbers, almost fifty percent were two room units, 1/6 were 3 room flats, and one-third were 4 room as well as bigger public housing, Sim Ann said.

One Bernam showflat

Sim prepared the report in response to MP Gan Thiam Poh’s question on the total of Housing and Development Board flats marketed to Housing and Development Board, the issue why the flats were marketed and also if HDB would look at supplying these types of public housing on its open up reservation system.

Sim mentioned that close to 1,000 of the surrendered public housing happen to be on short-term rental and makes up small apartment, 2 room Flexi units acquired on a short-term contract along with flats whose owners chose LBS.

” Owners of brief rent public housing that no longer liked to hold on to their public housing or that had probably become ineligible to carry out so, are needed to give up their flats to Housing and Development Board. They are not even permitted to sell these public housing on the market,” Sim announced.

The further 700 public housing get submitted largely caused by revisions in the situations of the owners in their Minimum Occupation Period. These sorts of owners were not at all approved to resell their HDB flats on the open market as these individuals had not even satisfied their MOP.

” Some of the most regular factors for abandonment of public housing were divorce, break-up of fiancé-fiancée relation, as well as cancellation of marital relationship,” stated Sim

Housing and Development Board compensates homeowners of entrusted flats also markets them by means of the SBF activities.

“If the flats stand unselected following the SBF routine, they may possibly afterwards be provided in the open up reservation,” further mentioned Sim.

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