Knight Frank Sells Property At 22% Above Opening Price In First Property Auction Since Circuit Breaker

Knight Frank Singapore has pushed a semi-detached house at 14 Lorong Kismis for $1.32 million, or twenty two percent% over the house’s starting quote of $1.1 million at its premier residential property sell-off after the lockdown, according to launch on 23 October.

For a territory area of around 305.7 square metre, the two floors semi-d property features 51 years remained in its leasehold period of 99 years.

“Sitting among a particularly desired property area, 14 Lorong Kismis is settled in a perfect spot where everything is within reach, in the surrounding vicinity. KF was furthermore pleasantly surprised by its attraction, as the residence was passionately battled and K.O. in only under 10 mins,” announced Sharon Lee, Head of A&S at KF SG.

One Bernam – MCC Land & HY Realty

The fulfilling event was run on 16 October 20, by having a great turnout of more than 30 clients. Because of the pandemic issue, the function was overseen using strict risk-free control actions engaged using community distancing including imposed mask wearing by every visitors.

KF is the first real estate auction firm in SG, and the first to organize a property auction in the country. Out of its modest beginnings in a fight arena at Happy World theme park, the organization today flaunts a steadfast footing as a leader in residential property auctions 80 yrs on.

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